My photographic works are very much a reflection of my past experiences.  Growing up in the Former Soviet Union, I learned the basics of art from my father, himself a professional photographer and painter.  While at college in St. Petersburg studying film making, and with the emerging collapse of the Soviet Union, all the arts, as I was, were influenced by an Avant guard movement taking place throughout the country.  In late 1989, I immigrated with my family to the US with no money, no language skills and a lack of knowledge about the West.  Later on, while working as a NASA engineer, I suffered a dramatic accident with a 3 and a half year recovery period, restricted to a wheelchair, 25 surgeries, and major medications.  As I recovered, my life and views changed.  Now, each day is a full time commitment to let others see through my photographic works a different vision of routines we work through every day.